Stellantis Is Getting Aggressive With Recalls

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Stellantis Is Getting Aggressive With Recalls
Stellantis Is Getting Aggressive With Recalls

It’s no secret plenty of people just ignore car recall notices mailed to their house, throwing them out with credit card offers and other junk mail. But Stellantis is taking a new, more aggressive approach when it comes to these hard-to-reach individuals and some people think it’s a scam.

People living near a famous racetrack are complaining about the noise.

A Florida woman was leery of a stranger knocking on her door to warn about the Takata airbag in her 2015 Jeep Wrangler. This woman apparently ignored the recall notices and other warnings, so someone was sent by a marketing firm hired by Stellantis, Jeep’s parent company, to come to her house and arrange the airbag replacement.


That person then sent a mobile repair service to do the work. By that time the woman and her husband thought for sure it was all a scam, so they called a local news station WPTV and asked them to investigate. As you already know, a reporter quickly learned the whole operation was legit.

With the huge, years-long push to get people to have their Takata airbags used in a dizzying array of vehicles replaced before the inflators explode in a crash, sending razor-sharp shrapnel into their chest and face, you’re probably shocked there are people who haven’t even heard of it, let alone know they’re driving around with a time bomb right in front of them.

Keep in mind there are Americans who can’t even point out Ohio on a map, yet they can recite all the Kardashians’ names and favorite ice cream flavors. The thing is finding Ohio probably isn’t going to save their lives, but getting their Takata airbag replaced could.

Stellantis isn’t the only automaker dealing with holdouts who just don’t want to replace their airbag for one reason or another. But the multinational automaker has decided to take things to the next level, paying holdouts personal visits with the hopes that will get them to see the light and get the recall work done at no cost.

But some people are thinking the home visits are scams. With so many scammers out there, it’s hard to blame them. Still, the approach seems to be fairly effective, so if you’ve been blowing off your airbag recall, you might get a knock on the door sooner or later.

Image via Stellantis