Step Inside the 'Horsepower Tunnel of Love'

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Over 150 Chevrolet Muscle Cars and 200 Cylinder Heads Discovered in Barns Up for Grabs.

Over 150 Chevrolet Muscle Cars and 200 Cylinder Heads Discovered in Barns Up for Grabs.

Chevrolet aficionados, buckle up. Van Der Brink Auctions just unveiled what may very well be the treasure trove of the century: an awe-inspiring assembly of classic Chevrolet muscle and sports cars, complete with enough parts to birth your own Chevelle or Camaro from scratch. And let's not forget the 200 sets of cylinder heads, fondly referred to as the "Horsepower Tunnel of Love."

A Collector's Paradise

Rob Carter, also known by the pseudonym Roy Langlitz, accumulated this jaw-dropping collection in the 1970s, when the gas crisis led to plummeting prices and waning popularity for muscle cars. This barn-find is not just another antique garage gathering dust. It even made waves in Hot Rod Magazine back in 2008, securing its title as one of 2023's most mind-blowing collections to head to auction.

The Cars and the Barns They Live In

Among the 150 to 175 cars poised for auction are iconic Chevrolets like the El Camino, Corvette, and Camaro. Each is shown in various states of repair, a testament to Carter's love for project cars. Also sneaking into the lineup are Pontiac GTOs and a solitary but highly coveted Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet.


But it's not just the cars that are the stars. The accompanying video tour reveals thousands of big-block parts and spares like grilles, steering wheels, and center caps. The auction house will meticulously pair these with their respective cars before the sale, according to their catalogue.

The Horsepower Tunnel of Love

What might steal the show is what Van Der Brink dubs the "Horsepower Tunnel of Love"—a room jam-packed with cylinder heads ranging from 409 ci to 296 ci, along with various LS engines, radiators, and even air-conditioning units. For the DIY mechanic or the nostalgic restorer, it's akin to finding El Dorado.

Where and When to Place Your Bids

The event is scheduled to span the weekend of September 16th and 17th, with a special preview day slated for September 15th, featuring food and music in a nod to Carter's own yearly car show for local enthusiasts. However, if you're eyeing a part of this collection, you must be present at the auction site to bid.

A Legacy of Muscle and Love for the Classics

Carter, a man known for his astute eye for potential and a passion for restoration, has left behind a legacy that will now give many of these cars a second life. As these timeless classics go under the hammer, it serves as a tribute to both the man and the era he so cherished. With the auction fast approaching, potential bidders and Chevy lovers are revving up their engines for what promises to be a remarkable event.

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