Stolen Corvette Recovered Thanks To GPS Tracker

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Stolen Corvette Recovered Thanks To GPS Tracker
Stolen Corvette Recovered Thanks To GPS Tracker

We keep telling people to put a GPS tracker in their car, but we think some don’t believe they help if a vehicle is stolen. They do and we have quite a few examples of this, including a recent case of a stolen C7 Corvette Stingray in Texas.

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The sports car was swiped out of Dallas on June 12, but the owner was able to start tracking the location of his property. He relayed that info to Texas DPS, so deputies in different counties set up surveillance on the side of the highway and looked for the rather distinct car.


Instead, they saw nothing, over and over. We’re sure some were wondering if the tracking device had been thrown in another ride or perhaps was malfunctioning. But it turns out it was working properly and was still in the C7 Corvette.

Finally, the owner notified dispatch that the tracker was sitting stationary at a gas station. Deputies arrived at the location but didn’t see a Corvette at any of the pumps or in the parking stalls. However, in the rear portion of the parking lot they did find a pickup truck with an enclosed trailer parked behind a semi-truck.

A man was working on a rear tire of the pickup when deputies asked him what was in the trailer. He allegedly responded that it was empty. But a door was slightly open and sure enough, a deputy spotted the C7 Corvette sitting inside.

The suspect told deputies he’s a self-employed car transporter and was hired to take the sports car to Amarillo. However, he didn’t know the name of the person who gave him the car in Dallas or who he was delivering it to in Amarillo.

Needless to say, he was arrested and charged with felony theft.

So you see, GPS trackers on cars can be an invaluable tool in recovery if they’re stolen.

Image via KFDX, KJTL/YouTube

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