Stolen Dodge Charger Found In Street Takeover

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Color us not shocked!

We keep trying to educate people about street takeovers or “sideshows” and how they’re not just harmless fun. Not only are they annoying for people who just want to drive through an area, they’re dangerous and associated with all kinds of other illegal activities. Plus, a good chunk of the cars used in them, if not the majority, are stolen or use stolen parts.

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A story out of Los Angeles, where street takeovers are all too common, highlights how people are shocked to learn their stolen cars are used in these stupid events. As detailed out in an NBC Los Angeles report, a guy’s orange Dodge Charger was stolen just 9 months after he bought the thing, then days later was used in a street takeover.


The owner of the Mopar muscle car was shocked to see people hanging out of the windows while the driver flogged it like he stole it, the tires smoking like a Las Vegas hooker. Police tried pulling the Charger over after they broke up the takeover, but shockingly the driver took off, leaving officers in the dust.

Police ran the tags and realized the Dodge had been stolen, so they couldn’t just show up at the guy’s house and arrest him. Even if they had, we’re sure he would’ve been cut a sweet deal by Los Angeles’ crime-friendly DA.

Less than two weeks after it had been stolen, the orange Dodge Charger was found and it wasn’t in cherry condition. The owner told NBC Los Angeles, "It had dents all in it, different mix match wheels. Took the striping off of it. Messed it up really bad."

Quite frankly, the guy was lucky to get it back with the engine left under the hood. It’s a sad reality, but in areas where crime like this has been allowed to rage out of control in the name of some twisted “justice” this is the new normal.

Images via LAPD

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