Stolen Government SUV Rams Police Cruisers In California

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Stolen Government SUV Rams Police Cruisers In California
Stolen Government SUV Rams Police Cruisers In California

Crime in Los Angeles is completely under control!

Dashcam and bodycam footage from Los Angeles Police Department officers portrays a wildly chaotic scene as a suspect rams a city-owned Chevy Suburban into their cruisers, almost running at least one cop over.

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The chaos exploded on the evening of August 9 as calls started to flood Los Angeles’ 911 center. Repeatedly, the man in the LA Department of Water and Power Chevy Suburban almost hit and in some cases did hit other cars as he sped along city streets unmindful of stop lights. He also hit a house, clearly showing a complete disregard for the safety and well-being of the community at large.

With this information fed to officers, they were ready for a violent situation, but it’s possible they didn’t realize just how chaotic it would get. As one unit approaches the Suburban, the driver literally starts turning in circles over and over, raising the question of intoxication.


As more officers joined in the pursuit, which for a time went along a highway, the suspect pulled into a business parking lot, crashed through a locked gate, then realized he was cornered. Rather than give up, he rammed his way through two police SUVs parked in the lone driveway leading to the gated off area, resulting in a spectacular display of reckless behavior.

After that violent collision, the suspect drove down a hill and hit a van driven by a private citizen. Somewhere in the mess he sheared off the front passenger-side wheel from the Suburban and was driving on the steering knuckle, the metal on pavement producing plenty of sparks. You can see from one of the police dashcams the front driver’s-side wheel is flopping like crazy, so it was about to separate from the axle.

Police riddled the fleeing chevy with bullets but the suspect just kept driving, with a moment of scary crossfire. However, the Suburban unsurprisingly didn’t get far before the driver wrecked out again. That was the beginning of a standoff that lasted until SWAT ended the situation, taking the suspect into custody without further incident.

Car theft is so common in Los Angeles, and other major cities both in the US and abroad, that a situation like this was inevitable. Somehow nobody died even though the suspect was hit by the gunfire. Next time everyone might not be so lucky.

Check out the video of bodycam and dashcam footage as well as aerial video from KTLA.