Stolen Kia Victim Begs For Ashes To Be Returned

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Stolen Kia Victim Begs For Ashes To Be Returned
Stolen Kia Victim Begs For Ashes To Be Returned

For some bizarre reason we don’t fully understand, there must be quite a few people who keep their loved one’s ashes in their car. We only know this because we regularly run across stories of vehicles stolen with ashes inside. That means there are a whole lot more ashes sitting in cars that aren’t stolen.

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One story we came across just recently is out of Spartanburg, South Carolina where a woman’s 2020 Kia Sorento was stolen out of her driveway along with her father’s ashes inside. She really wants the thieves to do the right thing and return the ashes. While we doubt they will, we hope the thieves realize what they took and make amends.


The Kia was stolen in the early morning of July 7 as it was parked at the Anchor Mobile Home Park, reports WSPA. What’s weird is the woman reported that the thief threw all kinds of items from the interior of the crossover, including child car seats and shoes, but they kept the urn.

Many urns look nice because they’re supposed to be decorative. You put them on a shelf in your house and it’s a way to remember and feel close to your deceased loved one. Why the urn was left inside the Kia overnight is what we really want to know.

Do people just drive around with an urn in their cupholder or something? Why not put the urn inside your house so nobody will steal your loved one’s ashes when they swipe your ride? What is the point of keeping them in your vehicle?

We’re not trying to blame the victim, just we want to understand what the deal is with keeping urns in cars, especially overnight. Like we said before, this seems to be a shockingly common practice considering how many stories of cars with ashes inside we see stolen in any given week.

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