Stolen McLaren Recovered In California

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Stolen McLaren Recovered In California
Stolen McLaren Recovered In California

The Vallejo Police Department notched up a huge victory back on October 19 when a sharp-eyed officer noticed something off about a guy sitting in a yellow McLaren. Such a supercar certainly sticks out, even if it’s in a more subtle color, but in this case the officer’s instincts led to a big stolen car bust.

Family caught with a stolen McLaren and Lamborghini in their garage.

The police department said after officers spoke with the man sitting in the supercar, they immediately detained him. That’s when the guy spun quite the tale about some unknown friend gifting him the McLaren, even though it wasn’t registered under his name.

Maybe the guy thought he was being clever or maybe he just panicked. He might not have been the one who stole the supercar but instead bought it off those who did for extra cheap. There’s quite the underground market for stolen vehicles outfitted with fictitious or stolen plates, as well as temporary paper plates.

Police didn’t buy the outrageous story, so they arrested the suspect and had the McLaren towed away. Later they confirmed with the registered owner than they didn’t know the guy who was sitting in the supercar and didn’t give him permission to drive it.

A lot of people have been pointing out on the police department’s Facebook post about the incident that anyone in a McLaren in Vallejo should automatically be under suspicion. There’s some truth in that as there are areas where supercars are rarely if ever seen.

However, criminals are notoriously dumb and don’t seem to understand these sorts of things. Also, this story shows not every stolen vehicle is immediately shipped out of the country. That’s why we recommend everyone gets GPS trackers for their ride, multiples if you’re truly concerned, and hide those in unusual places.

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