Street Takeover Dork Caught Driving A Stolen Camaro

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Street Takeover Dork Caught Driving A Stolen Camaro
Street Takeover Dork Caught Driving A Stolen Camaro

Street takeovers are a menace to society for a variety of reasons. Not only are they dangerous and shut down roads people pay to use freely, they help fuel demand for stolen cars. We’ve seen quite a few boosted rides used at these illegal events, including some being torched for “fun”, and we have another example with a stolen Chevy Camaro used in a Miami takeover.

Watch a street takeover Cybertruck plow into the crowd.

Police were already observing the illegal street takeover in the early morning hours of June 2 when one cop covertly followed an orange Camaro without tags as it swerved through traffic, drove in oncoming lanes, then fled a traffic stop once it arrived at the takeover, reports NBC Miami.


Meanwhile, an unmarked unit was observing the street takeover nearby as cars ripped donuts and idiots hung out of windows for a cheap thrill. It’s the same scene we’ve seen all over the place for years as kids masquerading as car enthusiasts act like entitled brats.

But this time police were ready to spring a trap. The unmarked car switched on its lights and pursued the vehicle that was doing donuts while other police chased the Camaro which turned out to be stolen. The report says police didn’t disclose if anyone else was caught, which we think sadly means they probably weren’t.

However, behind the wheel of that stolen Camaro was 18-year-old Valentino Santos. He got into a crash while running from police after the takeover was busted, picking up a hit-and-run charge. Probably thinking he had finally ditched the cops, Santos reportedly stopped driving and that’s when officers swarmed him.

The report doesn’t mention it, but we bet a helicopter was overhead tracking his every move. Now that helicopters don’t rely on spotlights and being close to a suspect’s vehicle, they can track someone without giving themselves away.

We hope police in Miami and other cities keep cracking down on street takeovers. And that prosecutors don’t cut them any sweet deals but instead send a clear message that the lawless activity will be met with severe consequences.

Image via NBC Miami

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