2015 Subaru Legacy

Up to 26 MPG city / 36 MPG hwy
$21,695 - $29,595

Because every automaker must have a mid-sized sedan, presenting the Subaru Legacy, a poor-selling but thoroughly acceptable alternative to its impossible-to-beat segment toppers: The Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry. The Legacy is essentially the same car it's been for the last several years, though the 2013 edition does feature a more fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine. It's reasonably comfortable, reasonably roomy, and drives reasonably well. In other words, the Legacy is a thoroughly reasonable car in every respect. Its major strength--other than its uncommonly responsive handling, which most drivers won't notice much--is the price. At under $21,000 for the base model, you get a lot for your money with the Legacy. Higher end packages include heated seats, a nine-speaker sound system, and satellite radio. Even at upper-trim prices nearing $30,000, that's a pretty good deal. See more... See Less

4 Available Trims
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Value - awd & more options than my toyota camry for less money Need to fill up gas tank every 5-6 days but i drive a lot
Driving, handling - very stable, drives like a larger vehicle Seat belt alarm never shuts off if someone isn't using it
Transmission - very smooth, seems to work flawlessly Radio - not terribly clear, not the best sounding
Awd - won't live in new england without it Paint color - navy; so boring! azure lite in 2011 much nicer
Fancy schmancy stereo with satellite radio & hands free! Problem whith closing rear door, driver side, and trunk not smooth
Excellent head & leg room - seats are very comfortable Transmission when in city traffic can be jumpy at times
Control - i feel i have absolute control when driving my subaru The subaru's engine noise during rapid acceleration is unacceptable
Engine and transmission give me plenty of power and torque Steering is too sensitive at speed
Smoothness in normal conditions and over bumps is exceptional. Seats are too short - should be longer, move like bucket seats
Handling in adverse conditions like heavy snow is exceptional. -