2015 Subaru Outback

Up to 25 MPG city / 33 MPG hwy
$24,895 - $32,995

The very definition of a mid-sized SUV, the Outback is one of the iconic brands of the modern automotive era, a reasonably priced family car with excellent off-road capabilities and a standard all-wheel drive system. Subaru fans love the Outback's blocky profile, whereas detractors look at it as a "if you like that sort of thing" situation. Regardless, the new edition, virtually unchanged from recent years, is unlikely to sway opinions. A new four-cylinder engine provides adequate power and threatens to nudge the car close to 30 MPG on the highway. The Outback comes standard with a manual transmission, but an automatic CVT, with paddle shifters, allows the car to perform closer to its actual capabilities; this isn't a "driver's car," per se, but it can be awfully fun to drive. Roomy on the inside, with excellent off-road capabilities and an adjustable roof rack, the Outback is going to be popular, as ever, in Colorado, Oregon, and everywhere people like to spend time outdoors. See more... See Less

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Reviews and Ratings
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Pros Cons
All wheel drive - great in snow Some of interior features, i.e. drivers seat seems low
Feeling of safety; secure solid vehicle Poor mileage - even though a 6 cylinder, it averages 14-17 city.
Engine performance - pick up & power: 6 cylinders, 257 h.p. Looks like an suv; i wanted a station wagon like old subaru
Like the last 4 subarus only bigger, with better mileage Shift lever button returns to sad design of past
Feels big & high enough off the road without being a truck / tank. No lumbar support on front passenger seat
Vehicle exterior styling - height, ease of entry / exit if tall Engine shifting at lower speeds
Acceleration of engine / excellent 4 speed manual transmission Rough ride on bumps; 4 cylinder engine underpowered for this car.
Design of engine - easy access to belts & oil change etc. Mileage efficiecy gauge is worthless. replace with a temperature gauge
Appearance: bought wheel arch moldings, love the look Engine can be very loud outside of car, particularly at startup
Fuel economy is great at 35-50 mph Fold down rear seat. would like whole seats to fold completely