Subaru's Project Midnight Is a Tarmac Time-Attack Monster

subaru project midnight rear three quarter view showing the giant wing of the racecar in a white race shop setting
Subaru's Project Midnight Is a Time-Attack MonsterSubaru

Subaru, well known for its rally cars that fly through the air, is taking a different approach with the Project Midnight WRX. This one is built to stick to the pavement, unlike the Airslayer that Travis Pastrana made famous in Gymkhana 2020. Like its predecessor, however, Project Midnight will be running up that hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where Scott Speed will attempt to beat Pastrana's 2021 effort that landed a second-place overall finish in the festival's Sunday Shootout.

subaru's project midnight and airslayer wrx race cars in a dimly lit shop

Project Midnight combines elements of the Rallycross cars that Subaru Motorsports USA ran until 2021, plus elements from the WRX ARA24 rally car, including the updated appearance to match the current WRX road car. It is, as you might notice from the photos, much more extreme. The rear wing is based on the design used on the American Rally Association Car, but significantly larger. Under the hood is the latest motorsport iteration of Subaru's turbocharged 2.0-liter horizontally-opposed four-cylinder, good for 670 horsepower and 680 lb-ft of torque and a 9,500-rpm redline.

front three quarter of the 2024 project midnight time attack car in black on a white shop background

That's less power than the 826-hp Airslayer, but Project Midnight tips the scales at just under 2,500 pounds, about 300 less than the previous car. Much of that weight savings is thinner carbon fiber body panels, according to a Subaru representative. While Project Midnight will still have enough suspension to run over curbs, the body doesn't need to hold up to landing jumps or other abuse that rallycross delivers.


Another main modification for tarmac duty is a redesigned front suspension geometry with new uprights. Those connect to 18" x 11" OZ Racing magnesium wheels shod with 280/65/18 slick Yokohama tires.

In Subaru's press release about Project Midnight, Scott Speed said "Subaru Motorsports USA and the team at Vermont SportsCar have delivered an absolute beast. When driving the car it clearly has rallycross roots, but the wider tires, track, and geometry give it a very unique feel and incredible grip. The ultimate driving machine; half WRX, half sports car – a true joy to drive."

a clean shop setting with the subaru project midnight wrx and rally cars and the huckster gl wagon

Joining Scott Speed at the Festival of Speed will be Travis Pastrana, driving the Huckster 1983 Subaru GL wagon (star of the Gymkhana 2022 video). Subaru has further plans to take Project Midnight to other venues, with details coming later this week at Goodwood.

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