For Supercars, Is Yellow Controversial, or Just Cool?

salon prive the yellow collection cars on grass
Can a Supercar Be Yellow? Yes, It CanHarry Elliott Photography Salon Prive

There are those who insist the only proper color for a sports car is red. Unless it's British Racing Green. Or blue if it's a French car. Of course, silver is okay for a Silver Arrow. But what about yellow? Don't a lot of people think yellow should never be used on a sports car, let alone on a supercar? Is yellow controversial, or just cool? The answer, obvs, is cool.

The centerpiece of this year's Salon Prive Supercar Saturday, held at Blenheim Palace in the rolling green hills of that Scepter'd Isle, was called, simply, The Yellow Collection.

There were Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Lotii, everything.


Salon Prive is an annual gathering of the motor faithful at ancient Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, among others, and now a World Heritage Site open to all. Salon Prive is four days of celebration, the festival now in its 17th year.

On the Saturday of the Salon, over 1500 supercars came to be ogled and admired by thousands of car enthusiasts, the largest such event in the UK, organizers say. And in the middle of all that was The Yellow Collection.

What do you think of The Yellow Collection? Glorious? Or an abomination of the palette? Please record your feelings below.