SuperGT Drivers Not Seriously Injured After Harrowing Wreck

tsugio matsuda nissan z supergt crash in 130r at suzuka
SuperGT Drivers Not Injured After Harrowing WreckShigu3215ss / Twitter

Today's SuperGT race at Suzuka was ended early after a major crash at the exit of 130R brought out a red flag. The incident involved three cars, but Nissan driver Tsugio Matsuda and Lamborghini driver Kosuke Matsuura took the bigger hits. Both drivers reportedly escaped serious injury, but the crash is a harrowing sight.

Video from a fan in the grandstands shows Matsuda and Matsuura on either side of a third car in traffic through the track's most famous high-speed corner, 130R. Matsuura's Lamborghini Huracan GT3 is positioned off the kerb on the outside, while Matsuda's Nissan Z is forced to go slightly off-track to clear the Lamborghini and another car. As the racing line narrows on exit, the Nissan spins across the nose of the third car and into the grass on the outside of the corner. Matsuda's Z catches air underneath its floor and flies upward, colliding with a catch fence. Matsuura's Huracan, meanwhile, slams into the barrier beneath and spins back into traffic.

Another angle filmed by another fan shows the force of both impacts. Each car is heavily damaged on contact, spraying debris over the racing surface. That led to the red flag, which ended the race after 59 of 77 laps. The broadcast did not catch the crash live and chose not to air it on replay, but both drivers were awake and alert. While Matsuda was taken to a nearby hospital, Nissan PR has confirmed that he was able to avoid major injury.

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