Survive the Summer with These 14 Vintage-Style Automotive Hats

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Photo credit: Vintage Culture
Photo credit: Vintage Culture

Ah, yes, summertime. The sun's out, temperatures hover on sizzling, and no, your 'base tan' won't protect you from turning into a lobster. Because of this, hats and summer are synonymous. They protect your head, eyes, and hide that wild convertible hair.

And you're a car fan, right? You don't want some basic cap—you want to represent your favorite automotive marque. And what better way to do that than sporting a vintage hat, usually of that brand's glory days. They're stylish, comfortable, and you'll earn brownie points with fellow fans.

We dug up some of our favorite vintage-styled automotive hats that you're bound to like. It might be hard to pick just one.

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