Suspect Steals Children’s Hospital Shuttle, Leads Police On Chase

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Suspect Steals Children’s Hospital Shuttle, Leads Police On Chase
Suspect Steals Children’s Hospital Shuttle, Leads Police On Chase

In so many ways, Los Angeles doesn’t seem like a real place. That’s been the case for some time, but we swear it’s getting worse with time. After all, we’ve seen bizarre police chases like some half-naked guy in a security golf cart, holding a dog. But we were still shocked to see this pursuit involving a suspect stealing a children’s hospital shuttle, of all things.

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According to ABC7, which livestreamed the police chase, the suspect carjacked the shuttle but everyone onboard was able to get off before he drove away. That would be the scariest scenario, especially if children were involved.


What we want to know is why the guy thought taking a shuttle would be a good plan. He couldn’t have been thinking things through, because it’s essentially a small bus. The thing is slow, corners sloppily, and is large enough that it can’t squeeze through tight areas.

Basically, this thing is everything you don’t want in a getaway car. We’re sure it was easy enough to steal since people are allowed on to ride, so that’s probably what was attractive about it. But who in their right mind steals a hospital shuttle?

The guy sure seems to have fun during the chase, swerving all over, whipping the thing through turns, going the wrong way, and at one point even briefly off-roading it. Maybe the guy knew he was going to jail anyway and just wanted to have some fun before cops slapped the cuffs on him?

Despite all his moves, he couldn’t push the shuttle hard enough to ditch police. Plus, a law enforcement helicopter was tracking his every move, not to mention the news chopper. And cruisers weren’t far behind, so when he suddenly stopped the shuttle and ran into a Home Depot, officers found the guy quickly.

But don’t worry, he’s probably already out on a tiny bond, so he can steal some other vehicle in no time.

Image via ABC7/YouTube