You Can’t Flip A Tesla Cybertruck

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You Can’t Flip A Tesla Cybertruck
You Can’t Flip A Tesla Cybertruck

We have it on good authority from some pro-Tesla X accounts that people are lining up around the globe just for a chance to get their hands on the Cybertruck. We’ve also seen claims of it replacing all other pickup trucks and other ridiculousness. But even crazier than all that is Tesla keeping anyone from flipping their vehicle that looks like the adaptation of a child’s drawing.

See what a Tesla Cybertruck looks like after a rollover.

That’s right, the terms and conditions new owners are required to sign states they can’t sell the Cybertruck for the first 12 months of ownership. What we’re debating is whether or not this has to do with people wanting to flip the futuristic pickup because demand is so high or if this is to keep people from dumping theirs like a hot potato once they realize what a donkey it is.

Either one could be the case, or both could be true at the same time. We know that whenever a radically new vehicle debuts, there are people who just have to get one and be one of the first because they thrive on whatever notoriety they think that gives them. These were the people lining up for the PT Cruiser, Prius, or a Maverick truck. Now it’s time to grab a Cybertruck just for bragging rights.


But they can’t sell the truck off after a few months of playtime. Instead, they’ll have to keep driving a vehicle that looks oddly like an industrial kitchen appliance The punishment for violating that part of the sales agreement, says Tesla, is a whopping $50,000 “or the value received as consideration for the sale or transfer.”

Tesla really doesn’t want you selling the Cybertruck until you’ve had it for at least a year and that’s really just weird. Oh and if you don’t play the game, Tesla might refuse to sell you future vehicles. So it’s gonna be like that.

There is a loophole: you can sell the Cybertruck if you have a good reason. But you have to try selling it back to Tesla first at the original price, although the automaker will deduct $0.25 for every mile driven, plus any wear and tear, etc. Sounds like a deal!

Why is Tesla so aggressively protecting the Cybertruck?

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