We Can’t Stop Laughing at Prince George Cringing Over Little Brother Prince Louis’ Antics at the Platinum Jubilee

 Prince George, Prince Louis
Prince George, Prince Louis

Marie Claire reported recently that all three of the Wales children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and yes, even Prince Louis—will play roles in their grandfather King Charles’ Coronation on May 6. (Expect them to be in the carriage procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace, and then on the balcony with their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and the rest of the working members of the royal family.) George and Charlotte’s attendance was never in question, but, due to his tender age, Louis’ participation wasn’t clear, until leaked Coronation rehearsal documents confirmed his attendance. The typical royal age cutoff to attend major events is five, and Louis will reach that milestone just two weeks before the ceremony on April 23.

An exception to the age rule was, of course, infamously made for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last June, where four-year-old Louis absolutely stole the show—and our hearts right along with it. As we prepare to see the Wales trio—who, last June, were the Cambridge trio, a nod to their parents’ then Duke and Duchess of Cambridge titles—at the Coronation, we’re reminded of the absolute joy of Louis’ antics throughout the four-day event, and of big brother George’s cringing at his little brother’s hijinks.

The Mirror reminded us of Louis’ rambunctiousness at the Platinum Jubilee Pageant on Sunday—one of the last events of the long weekend. Louis “was captivated by the performers and had fun teasing his brother, sister, and cousins,” the outlet reports. “The excitement appeared to reach fever pitch at one point for Louis when he was caught on camera waving his arms in the air wildly before making the peace sign.”


Louis’ mom, Kate, cracked up laughing, as did dad William, but for George, his reaction was “classic big bro,” one royal fan said: “After noticing Louis’ outburst, George too laughed, but as his little brother continued, he appeared to cringe before putting his head in his hands as if he were mortified.” One royal watcher on Twitter said “Prince George’s reaction is the best.” Another added “George is like ‘not again, Lou,’” and yet another said “Little kid living his best life. George: I’m dying. Make it stop.”

The Times reports that George, Charlotte, and Louis will ride in a carriage with their parents right behind the Gold State Coach carrying Charles and Queen Consort Camilla, who will be crowned alongside her husband at the service. We hope that Louis keeps it together during the ceremony, but on the balcony? Let’s see some Louis in true form—shenanigans and all.