Taco Bell Sign Crushes Car Sitting In Drive-Thru

Photo: Crowley La. Police Department / Facebook
Photo: Crowley La. Police Department / Facebook

Most drivers are familiar with the steady procession through the drive-thru lane at the typical fast-food restaurant. It almost feels like a ritual to ease up to the menu, place an order over the intercom, and then make your way to the window. However, you never expect that half your car will be crushed before you’re handed a receipt.

A woman in Crowley, Louisiana was in the drive-thru lane at her local Taco Bell when the location’s roadside sign collapsed and came down on her black Kia. The sign was brought down by high winds from an intense thunderstorm passing through the area. The winds were severe enough to overturn a tractor-trailer on a nearby interstate highway. The sign’s pole completely crushed the back half of the car. Thankfully, she only suffered minor injuries in the driver’s seat.

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