Technical updates: 2023 Singapore Grand Prix

McLaren, AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo all have significant upgrades as most teams bring new parts for the start of Formula 1’s flyway races in Singapore.

As explained by Lando Norris on Thursday, McLaren has brought a raft of upgrades that are the biggest set of developments since it made a major step forward in Austria earlier this year. The new parts target the car’s performance in low-speed corners, and relate to the front wing endplates, sidepods and engine cover, a fully revised floor, Halo, rear brake ducts, rear suspension, rear wing endplates and beam wing.

Only Norris will run all the new parts in Singapore, with Oscar Piastri having to wait until Suzuka to get the package on his car.


In total, McLaren has nine areas it has updated, one more than AlphaTauri where there is a tweak to the central floor section, floor edge, diffuser, sidepod inlets, engine cover, rear suspension, rear brake drums and rear view mirrors.

Alfa Romeo has a new floor as well as front wing, diffuser and rear brake ducts, while Alpine also has multiple updates with the sidepod inlet, cooling louvres and beam wing all revised for this weekend.

At Red Bull there is a change to the floor edge and rear wing endplates, while Ferrari has reprofiled its front wing, and Mercedes has updated front brake ducts for cooling purposes.

Aston Martin lists a change to the lower deflector on the rear corner of the car as its only development, with Williams introducing a larger gurney flap for its front wing.

Only Haas has no updates submitted in Singapore, as it works towards a major change of concept to be introduced in Austin in three races’ time.

Story originally appeared on Racer