Technical updates: Mexico City Grand Prix

Cooling requirements are the main focus for a number of teams due to the altitude at the Mexico City Grand Prix.

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is situated over 7,200 feet above sea level and the air density creates a challenge when it comes to cooling as well as downforce. As such, there are eight teams who have made minor changes to adapt their cars to the environment this weekend.

Red Bull has enlarged the frontal cooling louvers on the right-hand side of its car, while Ferrari has done the same on both sides extending further back along its engine cover. Alpine has made a similar change with the mid louvers being enlarged and have added to that with a bigger exit for the Coke section of the engine cover at the rear of the car.


At McLaren there is a revised engine cover geometry as well as a larger front brake duct scoop to help more airflow into the front brake ducts for cooling purposes. A similar pair of new parts are available at Haas too, although the there the engine cover sees additional louvers added to the updated bodywork that was brought to the United States Grand Prix as part of a wider package last weekend.

AlphaTauri also has bigger front brake ducts as well as increasing the size of the central engine cover exit to get more airflow through the central radiator, while Williams joins the list of cars with a bigger engine cover available as well as additional cooling louvers if required based on how power unit and gearbox fluid temperatures are during practice.

The only performance update that has been submitted is at Alfa Romeo, where a new rear brake duct has been introduced that “works in conjunction with the floor introduced in Austin to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the car and generate downforce.”

Story originally appeared on Racer