Teens Stealing Road Signs Have to Be Rescued By Police

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Teens Stealing Road Signs Have to Be Rescued By Police
Teens Stealing Road Signs Have to Be Rescued By Police

Everyone knows teenagers will do dumb things and should face the consequences of their actions, but that doesn’t make this situation with some teens getting caught stealing road signs any less hilarious. In a twist of karma, they became stuck in the mud and had to be rescued by the very people they were trying to avoid: the police.

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According to California Highway Patrol – Santa Rosa this hilarious story happened on the night of January 3. Around 8:30 pm someone called dispatch to report a truck stuck in the mud of the side of the road with the accusation that it had been used to intentionally run over street signs.


However, when CHP officers arrived on the scene it quickly became apparent the teenaged occupants of the truck were in fact cutting down and stealing road signs. The evidence was in plain view in the pickup bed.

When asked, the teenagers admitted to the theft and said it was all done in good fun. However, the officers weren’t quite as amused by the antics, with the extent of the damage done to public property constituting felony charges.

The driver, who is 18 years old, was arrested and booked into the Sonoma County Jail. Likely, he realized at that point the fun and games had turned quite serious. As for the rest of the kids, their parents came to the scene and police released them into their custody. They were probably glad their fate wasn’t quite as scary.

It’ll be up to a prosecutor and judge to determine what happens next with these errant youth. While they did destroy government property by sawing the signs down, there’s no telling if the kids were actually going to keep their trophies or turn them over to authorities. That said, slapping the one who’s technically an adult with felonies for this stunt might seem a little harsh, but we bet these kids will never do anything like this again.

Images via CHP – Santa Rosa