The Tesla Cybertruck Looks Even More Alien Off-Road

tesla cybertruck off road test
The Tesla Cybertruck Looks More Alien Off-RoadStretch_theCJ2L / Instagram

Road testing of Tesla Cybertruck release candidates is well underway ahead of November's announced first wave of deliveries. The cars have been spotted in both running and non-running states throughout the West Coast over the past few months but still had not been spied testing the truck's trail driving capabilities anywhere more serious than a dirt section in front of the company's engineering headquarters. Earlier this week, someone finally caught the odd-looking truck in action.

The videos are from the Hollister Hills off-road recreation area, northeast of Monterey and an hour south of Tesla's engineering team's Palo Alto headquarters. In two of the clips, the trucks are working their way up a steep uphill climb that looks more challenging than the average rut in a dirt road but not quite as brutal as famous Moab obstacles like Devil's Hot Tub and Hell's Gate. While the Cybertruck's performance on the world's most aggressive trails remains to be seen, one truck can be seen slowly conquering this climb in what should be a stock trim when the car's final production trim levels are unveiled with deliveries next month.

Unsurprisingly, the Cybertruck looks out of place in the dusty world of an off-road recreation area. The shiny truck's alien shape makes no more sense when the stainless steel panels are covered in dirt, looking particularly strange from a head-on angle as the car is climbing the stair-like obstacle. It is a far cry from the Rubicon-proven Rivians that fit right in at the same park, but it will be the only option for consumers looking for a truck with a triangular profile and a stainless steel finish when deliveries finally begin on November 30.

Via InsideEVs

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