Tesla Cybertruck prototype video sparks speculation among fans: ‘Looks like it’s deeper than we thought’

As the long-delayed Tesla Cybertruck’s release draws ever closer, fans of the electric vehicle maker have resorted to pulling out their cameras and filming every time they glimpse one of the elusive vehicle prototypes in public.

The latest feature of the Cybertruck to be captured on video? The front trunk – also known as a “frunk.”

A user of X, formerly known as Twitter, who goes by Xi (@KewellXi) captured some brief footage and two accompanying photos of two Cybertrucks loaded onto the back of a Tesla Semi car hauler, one of which has the frunk open.

As InsideEVs noted, the Cybertrucks are likely prototypes, as the people around them have to hold the frunk open with their hands.

Previous glimpses of the Cybertruck’s frunk have proven to be a source of controversy, as some have noted that it looks surprisingly small, especially when compared to the frunk of a Ford Lightning.


The Cybertruck’s frunk has also been compared to that of the Rivian’s, although there have been no definitive measurements shared to make a judgment one way or the other.

It is also not yet known what mechanism will be used to open and close the frunk, although InsideEVs speculated that it could be operated remotely via a key fob or smartphone app based on a patent Tesla filed earlier this year.

As always, Tesla fans were eager to weigh in with their own speculation about the specs of the as-of-yet unreleased vehicle.

“That’s a small frunk,” one X user commented underneath the video.

“The [frunk] does look bigger here, very wide,” wrote another.

“Looks like its deeper than we thought,” wrote a third.

Previous fan-shot glimpses of Cybertrucks have launched speculation about the EV’s turning radius, as well as its unique aesthetic choices.

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