Tesla will finally deliver its futuristic Cybertruck in November with hint at one big change: ‘It’s going to be hard’

Tesla’s electric Cybertruck has taken four years to go from concept to fully-fledged execution — but now, the automaker has finally announced the truck’s delivery to customers.

During the company’s third-quarter earnings call, the company revealed that the first Cybertrucks will soon be delivered to Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, where customers will be able to pick up their vehicles on Nov. 30.

According to Car and Driver, the electric pickup was originally slated to begin production in 2021 but was continually delayed since that announcement. Now, founder Elon Musk says that the vehicle still won’t be in full volume production until next year, though initial manufacturing processes started this summer.

Tesla built its first Cybertruck in July and has since been showing off the vehicle via a series of public tests and displays to demonstrate its capabilities. For example, two Cybertrucks took on a challenging off-roading journey from San Diego to Cabo in Mexico to prove the vehicle’s heartiness in a variety of off-roading settings.

The Cybertruck’s quick acceleration capabilities have also been noted by onlookers. Not all the reception to the truck’s design has been positive, though, as many online have mocked the vehicle’s single windshield wiper.

The price of the most basic Cybertruck model, the single-motor RWD, was initially announced as just under $40,000, which is about the same as the Ford F-150 Lightning. Meanwhile, the company said that the dual-motor AWD would cost around $49,000, and the tri-motor AWD would cost just under $70,000 with 500 miles of range.

Musk previously hinted that the Cybertruck will ultimately cost more than these original prices due to higher manufacturing costs than initially anticipated.

“It’s going to be hard to make [it] affordable because it is a new car, a new manufacturing method,” Musk told Forbes in May.

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