Tesla Will Charge You $50,000 If You Somehow Manage To Resell Your Cybertruck

A Tesla Cybertruck concept vehicle.
A Tesla Cybertruck concept vehicle.

Telsa has a simple message and plan for folks who want to flip early Cybertrucks as part of its updated Vehicle Purchase Agreement: don’t do it or we’ll sue you. On top of that, if a situation did arise where you have to sell your early Cybertruck, you’ve got to give Tesla first right of refusal before selling it to the general public. If you don’t tell Tesla about your Cybertruck sale, the company could use you for at least $50,000 and may not sell you any future cars.

The clause was added to Tesla’s Motor Vehicle Purchase agreement on its website. Scroll down to the “No Resellers” section and you’ll see a clause that starts with “For Cybertruck Only.” That’s where things get spicy.

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