Tesla Raises the Price of Its Model S Plaid by $10,000 Right Before Deliveries Start

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Photo credit: Tesla
Photo credit: Tesla

Tesla is planning to begin deliveries of its new high-performance Model S Plaid this month. Set to be the most capable Tesla yet, it packs a tri-motor set up making a combined 1020 horsepower, allowing it to sprint to 60 in under two seconds, and achieve 390 miles of range according to the automaker.

Despite being days away from first deliveries, Tesla has decided to quietly add $10,000 to the Model S Plaid's base price, meaning the car will now start at $129,990 before any EV incentives. The updating pricing is reflected on Tesla's configurator site:

Photo credit: Tesla.com
Photo credit: Tesla.com

The news, first spotted by Electrek, comes just three days after CEO Elon Musk announced Tesla would not be moving forward with production of the 1100-hp, 520-mile, top-of-the-range Plaid+ model. As Electrek points out, the Model Y Long Range have also been subject to a price increase, albeit a less impactful $500.

Tesla hasn't revealed a reason for the sudden price increases, though Musk has said in the past these types of changes have been due to "major supply chain pressure," per Electrek.

This isn't the first time Tesla has quietly added five figures to a car's MSRP. Back in March 2021, it added $10,000 to the Model S Plaid+'s price before that car got the axe.

Though $10,000 is no small amount of money, we have a feeling early buyers of the Model S Plaid won't be dissuaded. Tesla buyers are extremely loyal towards the brand, and besides, what's another 10 grand when you were already planning to spend $120,000?

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