Tesla's $1,900 Cyberquad for kids is back on sale, but there's still no sign of the Cybertruck

Tesla's Cyberquad was recalled last year due to safety concerns.Tesla
  • Tesla's $1,900 "Cyberquad for kids" is now available to buy again on the company's website.

  • The ride-on toy, which is inspired by the Cybertruck, was recalled last year over safety concerns.

  • Tesla is preparing to launch its full-size counterpart, with Cybertruck deliveries starting soon.

Tesla has put its "Cyberquad for kids" back on sale, weeks before the expected launch of the Cybertruck.

The $1,900 kids ride-on toy, which was recalled last year over safety concerns, is once again available to buy on Tesla's website.

The Cyberquad is designed to mimic the notoriously divisive design of the Cybertruck, complete with a steel frame and the distinctive LED block light of Tesla's electric pickup.

Its miniature counterpart, which is jointly produced by toymaker Flyer Radio, initially went on sale in 2021 but was recalled last year after the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said that it did not meet safety regulations for a youth ATV.

A note on the new listing on Tesla's website states that the Cyberquad is "not approved or intended for use as a youth ATV." This means it can't be used off-road. It is, however, certified as an "electric ride-on toy," Tesla said.

Tesla says that the Cyberquad, which has up to 15 miles of range and can hit a top speed of 10mph, is suitable for drivers aged nine to 12. Previously, it was offered for ages eight and over.

Orders are set to begin shipping in late November — around the same time that Tesla is set to launch the full-sized Cybertruck, which is expected to go on sale from November 30 after multiple delays.

Despite years of hype, buyers are still in the dark about key details of the much-anticipated pickup. That includes the price, which has not been confirmed despite the Cybertruck's imminent launch.

The Cyberquad is not the only Cybertruck-related merch that has caused Tesla a headache recently. The automaker has faced backlash from fans over its $150 "Cyberbeer," which some said tasted like "hot garbage."

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider, made outside normal working hours.

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