Texas Man Found With Stolen Lamborghini At His House

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Texas Man Found With Stolen Lamborghini At His House
Texas Man Found With Stolen Lamborghini At His House

A man in Sulphur Springs, Texas is in jail after authorities say he stole a Lamborghini, then hid the supercar in his own garage. However, the thief made one critical error which was his ultimate downfall and uncovered other stolen cars.

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The Lamborghini was reportedly stolen from a private party in Houston, but the owner had a plan for just such a situation. After activating a GPS tracker, he was able to pinpoint the vehicle’s location in Sulphur Springs.

Standing outside the garage where the tracker indicated the Lamborghini was being kept, the owner was able to use the fob to activate the horn and lights, confirming it was in fact inside. Police called the resident, 34-year-old Everett Van Jennings, but he claimed to be out of town and unable to return to his house.


With the evidence, police were able to obtain a search warrant, finding that Jennings in fact wasn’t home. Not only did they confirm the stolen Lamborghini was in the garage, investigators found two other stolen rides along with “considerable” evidence of VIN swapping equipment. He even got busy on the Lambo, allegedly already swapping its VIN plates for ones from another Lamborghini, likely in an attempt to sell the car to someone else.

For some reason we keep seeing stories like this one where guys steal a flashy supercar, then try stashing it in their working-class neighborhood like nobody’s going to notice. And just like in a fair number of those stories, nobody noticed or they figured it wasn’t any of their business. Thankfully in this case the Lambo owner had a GPS tracker, proving yet again why everyone should consider installing one in their cars, even if it’s just an Apple AirTag.

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