Texas Man Shoots Fake Parking Attendant

This is pretty crazy!

It seems like scams are everywhere these days and theories about why that might be are as well. A shocking example that ended in violence comes via Houston, Texas where a report from NBC News tells us Erick Aguirre is accused of killing a fake parking attendant. What’s more, Aguirre was on a date at the time.

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After Aguirre, who is 29 years old, and his date parked in a lot before going across the street to a restaurant, they learned the man who collected a parking fee was in fact not the parking attendant. That alleged scammer was 46-year-old Elliot Nicks.


What’s weird is Nicks reportedly collected $40 from the couple, which seems pretty steep for a parking fee, but we have seen some lots and parking structures that really gouge people. It was also apparently enough to kill for. Aguirre allegedly left the restaurant, found Nicks, and shot him dead.

We get feeling upset, calling the cops, even roughing up the scammer some (although that’s crossing a legal line) after learning the truth. But shooting someone dead over $40 seems pretty extreme. To top it off, the report claims Aguirre went back in the restaurant, returning to his date who had no clue the murder took place. She saw images of the couple Houston police pushed out to the public, realizing her date was the suspect.

While the violence in this case is definitely shocking, there’s another lesson to be learned here: scammers are trying to get your money and/or property constantly. Not only do you have to worry about car theft, you have to stay on guard for parking fee schemes, carjackings, insurance scams, and so much more.

That means thinking things through instead of just reacting, which admittedly can be hard to do, especially when you’re just out trying to have some fun. But criminal minds know that’s when you’re most vulnerable, so they seek to take advantage in those moments.

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