Texas Police Add Drug Dealer's Seized Corvette Z06 To Its Fleet

Alex Lloyd
·Editor at Large

A once murdered-out 2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06: On the surface it may seem like the ideal wheels for drug lords — fast, intimidating, and a surprisingly decent amount of luggage space, capable of holding enough narcotics to ensure many a year is spent clinging to that slippery bar of soap. 

Indeed the car you see here was such a machine, but now that it’s been seized by New Braunfels Police Department in Texas, the role it plays today is that of a badass cop car.

Taking to Facebook to show off their newest fleet member, the police department has asked kids aged 8-16 to come up with the Corvette’s new name: So far the top contenders are “Copnado” and “Optimus Crime,” but not everyone was happy about the Z06′s newfound job enforcing the law.

Call it, “Taxpayer Funded,” one commenter wrote. “Aren’t y’all supposed to auction what’s stolen with ‘asset forfeiture seizure’?,” said another.

The department was quick to respond: 

“This vehicle was awarded to NBPD as part of an asset distribution from the Federal DEA criminal case of a large drug distribution ring in our area. NBPD was instrumental in helping bring down that drug enterprise. Property seized during the course of an investigation is only awarded to the law enforcement agency after a court has determined that the suspect was involved in criminal activity and the proceeds (money) from that activity (i.e dealing drugs) paid for the items seized. Therefore, no property is given to a law enforcement agency prior to the investigation being completed and tried in a court of law.” 

We reached out to NBPD for further comment but did not hear back. Basically the vehicle cannot be sold for a few years until the case is closed and the “asset seizure laws” have passed. At that point it can be auctioned off with the proceeds likely being sunk into other crime prevention programs. 

In the meantime, the 2007 Corvette Z06, which retails for around $40,000 and boasts a 505 horsepower 7.0-liter V-8, will not be helping officers continue the fight against evil — or delivering speeding tickets. Instead it will be utilized in community events, “bridging the gap” between law enforcement and the public. 

The competition to name said vehicle ends today. To win, you’ll need to beat out suggestions like “Lightning McCrime,” and my personal favorite, “Baconator.” 

Police say this Corvette will “send a great message to criminals.” Looking at its posterior, it’s not hard to see why.