Texas Woman Invents Kidnapping To Find A Stolen Car

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Texas Woman Invents Kidnapping To Find A Stolen Car
Texas Woman Invents Kidnapping To Find A Stolen Car

Having your car stolen is never a fun situation. Dealing with police who don’t seem to care too much about your ride is also frustrating. When you put the two together it can lead to a maddening experience. Most people just complain about it later, but a Texas woman decided to lie about a kidnapping so the police would hurry up to find the missing vehicle.

The Belltown Hellcat owner has a warrant for his arrest.

This happened back on June 30 in El Paso, Texas at just after midnight. A woman called police to report her vehicle had been stolen. However, her friend, 19-year-old Stacie Dashay Marie Smith, decided to call 911 and claim her child was missing and must have been in her friend’s stolen car.


There’s a big difference between a kid and a vehicle being taken. Children can’t just be replaced, cars can. Why some people think police should respond to the theft of their ride the same way they would to a kidnapping is a mystery to us.

That little trick sure got El Paso police searching for the stolen ride. After performing “an extensive search” officers were able to find the vehicle. But of course, there was no child inside.

Detectives from the Crimes Against Persons division came to the scene to help with the kidnapping investigation. After a bit, they realized the child was a fabrication created solely to help find the friend’s missing car rapidly.

As a result, Smith was charged with false alarm or report and booked into jail on a $5,000 bond.

We’ve seen people use similar tactics to try getting their stolen vehicle back quickly and it never ends well. While it might seem like police don’t care about your boosted ride, that’s usually because they’re dealing with worse crimes, like kidnappings, murders, and such.

If you report one of those to get your stolen car back sooner, police really don’t like having precious resources wasted. Plus, you’re contributing to the problem of officers not being able to get to the smaller crimes as quickly.

Image via El Paso Police Department/Facebook

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