Texas Woman Nearly Impaled By Spear That Flew Through Her Windshield

Shavone Canales windshield hit by spear
Shavone Canales windshield hit by spear

There are already so many things to be terrified of while driving, from deer jumping in front of your car to lumber falling off the back of a truck and impaling you. But in case the list wasn’t long enough, we now have a new one to add — literal flying spears. Surprisingly, this didn’t take place in Florida, but we suspect you won’t exactly be shocked to learn it happened in Texas, America’s other Florida.

News 4 San Antonio reports that Shavone Canales was driving at about 9:30 p.m. when a five-foot-long spear flew through her windshield. She was uninjured but is understandably shaken up after the experience. Because the spear didn’t just end up in her car. If the angle had been slightly different, it likely would have impaled her. Thankfully, though, she was saved by the steering wheel, which stopped the spear before it actually injured her.

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