Thieves Steal And Crash Cadillacs From Dealership

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Thieves Steal And Crash Cadillacs From Dealership
Thieves Steal And Crash Cadillacs From Dealership

Car thieves have been treating dealerships like their personal vending machines for years now and the problem isn’t going away. One recent example comes out of Montgomery, Ohio where thieves stole multiple cars from a Cadillac dealership in the early morning hours, then led police on a high-speed chase.

A fiery end to a street takeover in downtown Los Angeles.

Police say the thieves, all of whom got away after the chase, stole the vehicles from the service department of the dealership. In other words, they were likely customer cars. That’s not great considering in the process of the chase most if not all were crashed.


As detailed out in WLWT’s report, the thieves were caught in the act of stealing the cars by a dealership employee who happened to arrive just in time. He called police, who chased the suspects as they split into two groups, one going on one highway and another choosing a different one.

At one point in the chase, the one group flipped around and started driving the wrong way. That’s a gutsy move designed to throw off pursuing cops, but it resulted in them crashing.

Perhaps that’s why all five Cadillacs were found abandoned, each with varying degrees of damage. We wouldn’t really call that a success and we bet the car owners would agree.

Plus, only one of the thieves was caught.

The big question we have every time we see these dealership theft cases is why key security isn’t better. That goes for the new and used stock as well as customer vehicles left overnight in the service department.

This problem just keeps coming up and we can’t imagine it’s not having an impact on dealerships’ insurance rates. So why aren’t they beefing up key security to minimize risk?

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