Three Daytonas In One Barn Find

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These ridiculous cars have been hidden for decades and now poke their fascias out to show the world what a real muscle car is!

Barn finds are the stuff of legends in the American car community for their incredible hidden beasts and potential for finding something genuinely extraordinary. So many people have found their dream project car or restoration built within the confines of a disheveled barn's walls. Of course, these finds can be pretty cool, but it is infrequent to find something that you couldn't find with ease on the used market. However, this find flips the tables on those limitations as it holds some of America's rarest vehicles. These insane NASCAR dominating muscle cars are ready to see the light of day once again with a fiery passion for rowdy driving fun!


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Placed front and center at the entrance of this barn is a beautiful black 1969 Dodge Daytona with a red stripe and red interior. Unfortunately, that beautiful machine is accompanied by two monsters of the same kind in green with a black line and red with a black stripe. It would appear that all three of these ridiculously rare American legends hold a massive 440 ci Mopar big-block V8 under the hood. The first and third of the Daytonas sport manual transmission, and it seems that the second car has an automatic.

Some other awesome muscle cars accompanying the barn include an optioned-out yellow Dodge Charger, which features a unique spoiler. There is also what appears to be a red Plymouth road runner and one of America's favorite trucks, the Little Red Express. These fantastic trucks are considered the first truck to focus on performance, and some have called it the first "muscle-truck." All of this is pretty cool, and it helps inspire other automotive enthusiasts to search for a barn find of their own. This is the first stop on a massive tour to find some of the nation's most extraordinary collections, and we hope to see much more of this content soon.

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