Tia Mowry shares the one dish she can't pass up during the holidays: 'There’s history when it comes to soul food'

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While most people know Tia Mowry as an actress from the iconic '90s sitcom “Sister Sister,” she has also taken her talents to the kitchen.

Mowry has had a YouTube channel, Tia Mowry's Quick Fix for nearly four years where she shares everything from quick weeknight dinners to beauty tips and day-in-the-life videos.

In September, she released her cookbook, “The Quick Fix Kitchen,” which “came from inspiring people to not feel overwhelmed with being in the kitchen and not feeling like you have to be this professional chef” to create a delicious meal.

Catching up with AOL, she dished on her partnership with LACTAID, her favorite recipes and holiday traditions.

“When you’re a mom, and many people, they’re juggling a lot of things. I wanted to make sure that the recipes were quick and they were practical and they were easy and that they were delicious and also very kid-friendly,” she added.

One recipe the cookbook author’s two kids, Cree and Cairo, can’t get enough of is Elmo overnight oats, which she makes with LACTAID.

Morwy, who is starring in an upcoming Lifetime movie, “Miracle in Motor City” with Smokey Robinson, told AOL that for her, the holidays have a “nostalgic” and “magical feeling.”

“Christmas and Thanksgiving were huge events in my house growing up. One thing I love about the holidays is passing on those traditions to my family,” she said.

This Thanksgiving, one dish Mowry will definitely be having is collard greens, sharing that it’s the “one side dish I cannot pass up during the holidays.”

“It’s a recipe that has been passed down generations,” she said. “My great grandmother taught the recipe to my grandmother and my grandmother taught it to my mother and my mother gave me the recipe.”

“There’s history when it comes to soul food. So collard greens is definitely, in my opinion, a part of the soul food menu.”

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