The Time Chaser_111100 Is a Huracán STO With a Computer Module on Its Back

lamborghini huracan sto time chaser 111100
Time Chaser_111100: A Lamborghini Huracán One-offLamborghini

Lamborghini revealed a new concept on Tuesday designed in collaboration with Japanese artiest Ikeuchi to celebrate the company's 60th anniversary.

The concept, a one-off Huracán STO called the Time Chaser_111100, "brilliantly expresses Ikeuchi's theme of cybernetics and Lamborghini’s historic 60 years encompassing the shared values of always being at the forefront of the times and breaking the rules of the past through creative and authentic expression," according to the company.

There are a handful of unique visual touches applied to the exterior, though there's no mention of any mechanical changes. The number 111100 is the binary code for the number 60, a nod to the company's anniversary. Lamborghini says Ikeuchi used original parts from previous anniversary models in his design, but doesn't specify what those parts are or where they're located on the car.

The most interesting bit has to be the triangular computer case-looking item mounted to the bonnet over the engine. It seems to contain four modules—possibly hard drives or graphics cards, Lamborghini doesn't specify—that each carry colors from previous anniversary models.

“We are very proud to present this piece of art together with Ikeuchi in this memorable 60th anniversary year," CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in a statement. "Lamborghini Huracán STO Time Chaser_111100 truly blends tradition and innovation, the past and the future while perfectly embodying Lamborghini’s values."

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