Tiny raccoon found stuck clinging to pipe in a National Mall fountain, photo shows

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National Mall NPS

The raccoon was just trying to go for a swim on a warm spring day.

But the tiny animal found itself clinging to a pipe in a fountain pool near the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, May 11, National Park Service officials said. It couldn’t get out of the water.

“A young raccoon went into a fountain pool just off the National Mall,” officials said on Twitter. “Once in, it was unable to climb out & had to cling to a pipe to stay above water.”

A photo posted from the National Park Service shows the raccoon barely hanging onto the neon blue pipe. The animal was clinging to the top of the vertical pipe with two front paws and a leg.

Its fur stood up on the back of its neck while trying to hold on, the photo shows.

Luckily for the raccoon, officials rushed to help the critter. They found a much more suitable home for the raccoon as well.

“The heroes on our Natural Resources team rescued the kit, quickly releasing it into nearby trees,” the National Park Service said.

Raccoons are capable of swimming, and they have been known to take a dip in swimming pools. However, raccoons taking a dip in a pool isn’t good news.

Raccoon poop can sometimes contain eggs of a worm that can infect humans and cause a severe neurologic illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The worm, known scientifically as Baylisascaris procyonis, is a roundworm parasite that infects raccoons, the CDC reported. People can become sick if they swallow a large number of eggs.

No people were swimming in the fountain pool while the raccoon, the photo shows. Only two geese were swimming nearby.

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