The Tire Deflator Cancer Has Spread To Australia

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The Tire Deflator Cancer Has Spread To Australia
The Tire Deflator Cancer Has Spread To Australia

This is the dumbest trend.

People who believe they’re like Batman only lamer have decided to “take out” SUVs and other vehicles they believe are killing the planet by deflating their tires. The trend has been going for a little while in the US, Canada, and the UK, but unfortunately it recently popped up in Australia. Now the Aussies are getting a taste of these self-righteous activists who believe they’re rallying concerned environmentalists by breaking the law.

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The group, which is “officially” called The Tyre Extinguishers, is supposedly a loose collective, more of an idea than an organization. However, they have a Twitter account that advocates for the deflating of people’s tires, especially on big SUVs. Considering the social media platform doesn’t condone advocating for illegal activities, the whole thing is rather curious.

The Tyre Extinguishers hit some wealthy areas of Sydney and Melbourne recently, with different Australian news outlets covering the issue in some rather creative ways. For example, one told the story of an SUV owner who apparently understood why the activists inconvenienced him. Perhaps he has SUV guilt or some such nonsense? The guy read the self-righteous note these activists leave behind and it supposedly just touched his heart – at least that’s the media spin.


Another Australian news outlet interviewed one of the activists but agreed to hide the person’s identity. If they’re so proud of their work, why hide who they are? Because they know it’s wrong and illegal, that’s obvious. But different media outlets Down Under as well as here and in the UK have decided to portray these activists as quasi superheroes doing the “dirty work” nobody else dares.

Basically, this movement comes down to bullying people who buy vehicles the activists don’t like. As if rampant theft isn’t a reason to live where you can park your vehicle inside a secure garage at night, these Tyre Extinguisher punks are just adding to the incentive.

But don’t worry, these brave warriors are “disarming” dangerous SUVs by slightly inconveniencing the owners who will get fed up and drive their vehicle off a cliff instead of continuing to kill baby seals through the act of driving. And this is the state of the world these days.