Top 5: Ways to Find a Good Auto Repair Shop

Unless you turn all your own wrenches, everyone needs a good auto repair shop that they can rely on and trust for day-to-day maintenance of their car. So, what are the key signs you should be looking for when trying to find a reliable repair shop? And how do you spot a shady shop or one that might be trying to gouge you with unnecessary repairs that will just end up putting a huge dent in your pocketbook? From knowing what to look for when researching an auto shop’s certifications, to searching for references in recommended online car forums, as well as knowing just the right questions to ask, there are some sure tell signs for spotting a good mechanic and ways to avoid a bad one. 

In this video, CNET’s Editor at Large and car tech connoisseur Brian Cooley shares his top five tips for researching a reputable repair shop.

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