Toronto Police Tell Citizens To Consider Driveway Bollards

Toronto Police Tell Citizens To Consider Driveway Bollards
Toronto Police Tell Citizens To Consider Driveway Bollards

What a cheap and reasonable solution to car theft!

Toronto police have quite the practical solution to rampant car theft: retractable driveway bollards. This was highlighted by 53 Division on X (the website formerly known as Twitter) on August 18 but has gone largely ignored with a mere 26 likes. We think it’s a wonderful idea every Canadian struggling to put food on the table should pounce on immediately.

Watch a stolen Dodge Challenger get pitted at 114 mph.

After all, having retractable bollards installed in your driveway should be rather cheap. While you’re at it, you might want to double the number of guards at the booth by the gate to your private drive, just in case. Might even want to install some retractable bollards in front of the wrought-iron gate.


We don’t find it a coincidence at all that this suggestion was made using a photo of one person’s setup, their Range Rover parked behind the expensive security devices. After all, if you can afford the repairs and maintenance on a Range Rover, let alone the luxury SUV itself, adding some retractable bollards to your driveway will only put a small dent in the budget for your fifth vacation of 2023.

Like many parts of the United States, Canada has quite the car theft problem. One of the big hot spots for thieves is Toronto, including the swanky neighborhoods where luxury SUVs abound. People in Africa and the Middle East will pay big bucks for such rides, so they’re often loaded into shipping containers and sent abroad from the land of maple syrup.

This retractable pollards concept is being used to encourage citizens to contact police for tips on how to protect their vehicles from getting stolen. Instead, we find it rather tone def and revealing that police there seem to think everyone’s going to applaud this solution as clever and the least bit feasible. Police might as well tell people to buy some shark statues with laser beams in their eyes to stop car thieves, because that would be just as useless.