Toyota Prius Prime Outperforms Dodge Charger in Unique Drag Race

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Are you surprised?

In an unconventional showdown, the Toyota Prius Prime has astonishingly bested a retired 2019 Dodge Charger pursuit vehicle in a drag and roll race, as showcased by The Fast Lane Car channel on YouTube. This intriguing face-off was part of their series "Are you faster than a cop car?", which stems from their recent acquisition of the retired police vehicle.

Despite the Dodge Charger's formidable Hemi V8 engine, boasting around 370 horsepower and all-wheel drive, it was surprisingly outpaced by the 220-hp Prius Prime. Although the Charger initially appeared to be the favorite with its superior power and AWD system, the Prius's lighter weight and the high-altitude location of the race played pivotal roles in leveling the playing field.


In an unexpected turn of events, the Prius Prime clinched victory in the quarter-mile mark during the initial drag race, clocking in at 16.13 seconds against the Charger's 16.17 seconds. This trend continued in the roll race, with the Prius maintaining a significant lead, and even outperforming the Dodge in the braking test.

However, this race comes with a catch. Despite the Prius Prime's impressive performance, the host of The Fast Lane Car advises against opting for the top-of-the-line 2024 XSE Premium model, priced over $39,000. Instead, they suggest the more cost-effective base SE version, priced at $32,675, which offers better electric vehicle range and mileage ratings.

This unique race serves as a reminder of the evolving capabilities of hybrid technology in cars like the Prius Prime, challenging conventional perceptions about performance and power. It also highlights the importance of factors like vehicle weight and environmental conditions in determining race outcomes.

As always, the hosts stress the importance of responsible driving and adherence to traffic laws, emphasizing that such challenges should not be replicated on public roads. The race between the Prius Prime and the Dodge Charger pursuit vehicle stands as a testament to the surprising and often underestimated capabilities of hybrid vehicles.

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