2015 Toyota 4Runner

Up to 17 MPG city / 22 MPG hwy
$33,210 - $43,620

In an era of soft, middlebrow CUVs that look big but are about as tough as a holiday comedy starring The Rock, the 4Runner stands apart as tough, brawny, and truck-like, a real off-road vehicle for people who need to drive hard. This is auto as side-of-beef--not a lot of refinement, but tons of strength. On the outside, it's blocky, and on the inside, not particularly luxurious, but contains all the modern conveniences and an efficient, unconfusing infotainment system. On the road, it's not subtle, but has plenty of power, and off the road, it does the job beautifully, though you might want more cargo space from a vehicle that just begs to be slept in. A leading vehicle and durable name-brand in its segment for decades, the 4Runner isn't going to get shouldered out of the way any time soon. See more... See Less

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Reviews and Ratings
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4 wheel drive - 4 runner is a beast in the snow. Gas mileage should be better
The smooth ride & great handling make it great to drive The hood is too thin and shakes at highway speed
Magnificent handling, on or off road in traffic or at speed Lack of led taillights and side turn indicators
The audio system has a full rich sound Rear cargo door - no auto open / close
Handling ability and interior roominess Exterior styling awful, interior average
Power windows - auto for all of them Running boards should be standard
Headlights brighten the road much more than our other car Space behind the 3rd seat should be wide enough for a hockey bag!
Smooth, safe vehicle with decent gas mileage. Seat belts - retraction too weak; won't retract unless you hand feed it.
The ride - very smooth & doesnt make you feel tired on long ride. Shifting in & out of 4 wheel drive, push button or dial would be better
Turn signal in side mirrors The nav/phone system - just can't get it work, it's upsetting