2015 Toyota Avalon

Up to 21 MPG city / 31 MPG hwy
$32,285 - $39,980

The Avalon has long been teased as an old-man car, with an average consumer age south of Viagra's. For 2013, Toyota has given the Avalon a complete refresh, with a sleeker exterior and a soft, thoroughly luxurious interior. It may bring in a slightly younger buyer, but it's still probably not going to lead a youth revolt. Though the new Avalon has more horsepower than you need for a trip to the rheumatologist's office, the driving experience can still best be described as "pillowy." It drifts through corners like it has no particular place to go, and the brakes could certainly be more responsive. The cabin is extremely roomy and acceptably lush, it's got a big enough trunk for a couple sets of golf clubs, and the infotainment system is easier than programming your average DVR. Nicer than a Camry but not quite a Lexus, the new Avalon is not hip, but then neither is your nana. See more... See Less

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Reviews and Ratings
Overall Rating
Pros Cons
Driving, ride, acceleration, quietness Gas mileage especially on highway travel
Extremely comfortable seats, good support Trip computer does not function as described in manual, lousy gas mileage
Back seat room & adjustable seats Navigation system has incorrect info
Steering and handling are excellent I would rather the gears stick be on steering wheel to allow more room
Engine and transmission are accurately coordinated Cannot belive toyota put a navigation system this poor into such a good car.
The overall ride: it is very smooth Trunk cargo net. not available on new car, needs to be added
Front wipers really clean windshield well, they fit to window Drivers seat does not automatically go back when open doors
Vehicle interior is classic in design like a true luxury car. Speedometer markings insufficiently visible: safety issue
I love the smoothness in acceleration Transmission lags after engine spinning down/accelerating
Very little maintenance required I often hit my knee when entering the car