2013 Toyota Matrix

Up to 26 MPG city / 32 MPG hwy
$19,275 - $22,415

2013 Toyota Matrix

2013 Toyota Matrix

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Like with many current Toyota products, the Matrix--an economy four-door hatchback based on the Corolla platform--was once an innovative vehicle, providing a fairly enjoyable driving experience while still carrying four passengers and quite a bit of cargo. These days, its design seems a bit dated, eclipsed by the innovative Honda Fit and hatch versions of the Ford Focus and Hyundai Elantra. There's nothing in particularly wrong with the Matrix, but it also doesn't excite. In a segment where the bar for excitement is pretty low, that's sort of a problem. That said, an optional 2.4 liter engine, available in the Matrix "S" trim level, gives the car a little extra punch and makes it much more fun to drive. Available in standard front-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive for the upper trim. See more... See Less

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Reviews and Ratings
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Cargo space back seats & trunk area Add foot-operated inside latch that can open the hatchback
Mirrors & depth perception are outstanding, very easy to park Fabric - difficult to clean if soiled - leaves stain
I love the lift back style for carting supplies Audio system is very average - not very clear at mid / low volumes
I was first attracted to sporty style & dependability Parking brake is too loose - can go on with slightest direct bump
Cargo space - lots of it The back seats make noise when driving over speed bumps
Fold down rear seat - to expand cargo space Driver's seat comfort. can't go up or down and lumbar zone is not adjustable
Dashboard is easy to see & understand Rear visibility - small rear window
The outside appearance is very nice Color choice - more choices need to be made available
Handling on the road very fun to drive Suspension is marginal, bottoms out on speed bumps.
Gas mileage is higher than rating in city Headlights do not automatically turn off