2015 Toyota Sienna

Up to 18 MPG city / 25 MPG hwy
$28,600 - $46,150

Minivans roam the Earth, and the Sienna is definitely one of them. As such, you can't really evaluate it in terms of performance (pedestrian) or appearance (boxy and dull). So you have to ask if it will haul lots of kids around and if those kids will enjoy being inside it for endless hours. Head to the upper trim levels, and the answer is yes. The top trim Limited, which runs $10,000 more than the perfectly acceptable base model, features plush second-row captains chair, a third-row that folds up and down automatically, and, most importantly for the kids, a dual-view rear-seat DVD entertainment system with 16.4-inch screens and high-quality audio. But it lacks satellite TV, which is featured in the Chrysler Town & Country, and, as such, can't quite lay claim to title of Ultimate Kid Pleaser. See more... See Less

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Excellent handling for this size / type of vehicle Mpg - it is a minivan, but still hurts with low mpg
The passenger comfort, everyone has plenty of room. Lumbar support is nice, but not made for a short person.
Power controlled driver's seat with lumbar system is great Tailgate is very high when open & hard to reach to close.
Overall driving including steering, turning Interior is cheap - looking & feeling. too much plastic
I feel extremely safe in this car Terrible storage in front - console is flat & everything slides off
Steering wheel controls- very easy & convenient I feel every crack on the pavement = not smooth
The smooth ride - drives on a cloud!! Not much leg room for both 2nd & 3rd row seating
Interior space, arrangement of cargo space Should be a running board as it is a big step down for me
Rims instead of hubcaps - not having to deal with lost caps. Toyota does not have a good cargo mat with folding seats.
Love rear sliding doors on both sides & controls for them from driver's seat. Radio controls need help, especially presets and changing