Traveling for Thanksgiving? Here’s the cheapest —and most expensive — gas across California

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Thousands of people are expected to hit the road in California on Wednesday and Thursday as they travel to visit friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

But in a time of record-high gas prices, some travelers might be worried about prices at the pump.

The good news? Fuel prices are generally down from their peaks the previous week, though some stations are definitely charging more than $5 per gallon.

Here is a roundup of some of the cheapest locations for gas in California, as well as the most expensive.

The Tribune also looked at gas prices in San Luis Obispo County.

Safe driving, everyone!

Where is the cheapest gas in California?

It’s no surprise California is home to the most expensive gas in the United States.

As of Wednesday, the average cost of a gallon of gas in California has dropped to about $4.697 per gallon, according to That’s a four-cent decrease from the high of $4.736 per gallon on Nov. 16.

On Wednesday, Golden State metropolitan areas had all 25 of the most expensive gas prices in the country.

Within California, there was a $0.40 difference between the most expensive region for gas — San Francisco, with an average price of $4.857 per gallon — and the least expensive (Merced, with an average of $4.455 per gallon).

The next cheapest areas for gas included Chico ($4.533 per gallon), Hanford-Corcoran ($4.537), Yuba City ($4.547) and Fresno ($4.552).

After San Francisco, the next most-expensive areas included Napa ($4.832 per gallon), San Rafael ($4.83), San Jose ($4.798) and Salinas ($4.79).

Here is a look at average California gas prices by metropolitan area, organized from least expensive to most expensive. Can’t view the chart? Click here.

Within each of these areas, prices also varied by station.

In some parts of the state, people might pay more than $5 per gallon to fuel up. In other areas, stations were charging less than $4 per gallon.

According to, the cheapest stations in California included Horizon Fuel Center in Valley Center ($3.79 per gallon), Shell on Shaw Avenue in Fresno ($3.89 per gallon) and Feather Falls Mini Mart in Oroville ($3.89 per gallon).

How do San Luis Obispo County gas prices compare?

As of Wednesday, San Luis Obispo County had the sixth most-expensive gas in California, with an average cost per gallon of regular gas of $4.785.

That is down from the week-ago average of $4.804 on Nov. 17, and notably lower than last week’s peak of $4.825 per gallon on Nov. 19.

The three cheapest stations in the county were all in Morro Bay.

As of Wednesday, the Sinclair station on Morro Bay Boulevard was charging $4.43 per a regular gallon of gas, the lowest in the county. The Mobil and Shell stations on the same street were both charging $4.45 per gallon.

Other low-price gas stations included Costco in San Luis Obispo ($4.45 per gallon), Stop and Buy in Nipomo ($4.48) and Conserv Fuel in San Luis Obispo ($4.51).

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