Truck stolen from dealership's lot while it was in for service

Surveillance video shows men checking under the hood of a truck. Seconds later, they jumpstart it and take off. But it wasn't even for sale.

Video Transcript

SANDRA BOOKMAN: A woman, this evening, is trying to get more answers as to how her truck was stolen in the middle of the day and at the dealership. That quick moving theft all caught on camera. Reporter Nick Natario spoke to her this afternoon about the incident. And Nick, what is the dealership telling her about what happened? I mean, after all, you think it would be safe at the dealership.

NICK NATARIO: Yeah, the dealership's puzzled by this as well. That's why they're cooperating with the police to try to figure out how this happened and get these suspects under arrest. Now imagine, you bought a brand new truck, you bring it in for service just a few weeks later, and then someone steals it right off the lot-- not overnight but in broad daylight. And surveillance cameras captured just how quickly it happened.

Watch how quickly a truck was stolen off this car lot. It appears the suspects are working under the hood to inspect the truck. Seconds later, they jumpstart it and take off. But it wasn't a truck for sale. It was being serviced.

TONYA TONEY: Usually, when something like that happens, you don't get it back. It's gone. And if you do, if it is found, it's in pieces.

NICK NATARIO: A reality Tonya Toney's husband is now facing after buying a 2018 Chevy Silverado last month.

TONYA TONEY: It had the leather seats, the OnStar, and GPS. It was fully loaded.

NICK NATARIO: The couple brought the vehicle to AutoNation Chevrolet on the Gulf Freeway for service, Friday. When they arrived yesterday, it was gone.

TONYA TONEY: In broad daylight, it happened. We got there around 1:00, and it had been stolen at 10:15 AM.

NICK NATARIO: Officers are still looking for the suspects. AutoNation says this type of theft has never happened before. However, HPD says it has a report for another auto theft from the dealership from March. AutoNation gave the couple a motor vehicle to use. It's working with insurance to figure out what happens next with a new truck. Situation-- the couple never envisioned when they bought a new truck last month.

TONYA TONEY: Get a job, work for what you need or what you want. You know, we work hard for what we want. And it's just not right.

NICK NATARIO: Now the FBI says there were more than 700,000 motor vehicle thefts in 2019 alone. Some of them happening at car dealerships.