Truck Stops Want In On Those Sweet EV Roadtrip Dollars

New Love's Truck Stop in Prescott, Arkansas
New Love's Truck Stop in Prescott, Arkansas

New Love’s Truck Stop in Prescott, Arkansas

For the most part, as long as you have regular access to charging, even just a basic cable plugged into a wall outlet, you can daily an electric vehicle around town without running into many problems. Sure, you can find an old Nissan Leaf with only 50 miles of range left to cover your weekend errands, but even a Chevrolet Bolt will do just fine on a weekly basis even in the suburbs. The real challenge comes if you want to take your EV on a road trip. That’s something that requires a lot more planning, and as it turns out, truck stops would very much like to be part of that planning.

The New York Times recently published a great article that dives into all the work that truck stops are doing to attract EV drivers. And, honestly, even if you’ve never considered visiting a truck stop before, it sounds like the renovations they’re making will soon turn them into some of the best places to charge your EV on a road trip. It’s not just because a lot of them are installing electric chargers, either. It’s also because they’re focusing on providing amenities that you just aren’t going to find at a typical public charger.

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There’s a lot more in the article, though, so we highly recommend you head over to the New York Times and read the rest.

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