Tune in March 5 for the 2025 Dodge Charger Reveal

dodge charger teaser
2025 Dodge Charger Reveal Set for March 5Dodge
  • Dodge has confirmed it will show off its next-generation "muscle car" on March 5.

  • This is after the company has shown teaser images of the soon-to-be-revealed Charger, which is based on the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept.

  • The next-generation Charger is expected to sport both battery-electric and gasoline-burning powertrains.

It looks like the wait is almost over to see the production version of the next-generation Dodge Charger. Dodge has confirmed it will show off the "next generation muscle car" on March 5, 2024, likely pointing to the 2025 Dodge Charger. This news comes after Automotive News reported that a Dodge executive said as much at the JD Power Auto Summit in Las Vegas.


This news isn’t exactly a huge shock, either. The company teased a pre-production example of the next-generation Charger just a few weeks ago. While the company noted on its social media channels that this was a pre-production model, it looked like it was nearing the production shape of the upcoming muscle machine.

It’s still hard to say exactly what Dodge plans to show, and the company didn't explicitly say it's going to reveal the production Charger. When asked, a spokesperson referred to the reveal of a "next-generation muscle car."

Dodge is known for spectacular reveals of important cars, so it wouldn’t be out of the question for the company to throw a party in the Charger’s honor. More importantly, it’s still not confirmed if both the internal-combustion and battery-electric Chargers will launch alongside each other. That’s likely, of course, but we’ll find out for sure on March 5.

With previous-generation Charger and Challenger models out of production, Dodge’s current lineup sports only two vehicles: the Durango SUV and the Hornet crossover. Getting one of its iconic products back into the portfolio must be the focus of many high-level company meetings right now, as Dodge probably wants to secure its place in the muscle-car market.

Do you think Dodge will show both ICE and BEV variants of the Charger at the reveal in March? Tell us your thoughts below.