Turbo Porsche 935 Race Car Performs Like A Fiery Race Horse From Hell

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This incredible build is the pinnacle of Porsche performance from a legendary source.

Having been created for the sole purpose of winning race after race in Central and South America, the Latino Racing Porsche 935 is a famous icon in the Latin racing circuit. This car was made with a complete tube chassis for the legendary racing car driver, Luis Méndez, who glided through corners and straights alike with this fantastic combination of speed and handling. After competing in the famous 12 hours of Sebring from 1988 to 1989, the car was ready to be sold to a new owner. This new guy's name was Kikos Fonseca, reportedly Méndez'sMéndez's co-driver who had worked closely with him and the car. So it only makes sense that Fonseca immediately began showing off the vehicle to the people of South and Central America to any onlookers with a passion for speed. Somewhere down the line, this car gained entry back to the states with owner David Hall where it competed with a ton of other racing adventures with countless drivers over the years. Nowadays, the vehicle has a lot to offer to its next owner as it enters a new chapter of its automotive life.

Powering this incredible Porsche is a potent 3.2-liter flat-six engine that makes plenty of power with a turbocharger system that has proven itself over the last few decades as the perfect powerhouse for the racer. The tube chassis helps to keep this lightweight vehicle stable and rigid around corners and through hard acceleration, allowing it to keep its graceful form with some added performance and style. Handling was a significant concern when building this car which is very prevalent when observing the suspension system, which boasts such features as the Eibach Coilovers and springs. The most fantastic suspension feature in the whole vehicle has to be the front and rear sway bars, which are fully adjustable from the cockpit of this insane fighter jet.

With all that performance, you need many upgraded brake features to compensate for the higher speeds. That is precisely why this thing is sporting a set of 993 Turbo Calipers and rotors, which utilize dual master cylinders to give you the best use of what is arguably an essential part of the car. In addition, just like the sway bars, the brake bias can be controlled entirely from the cockpit, making mid-race adjustment an easy process. That'sThat's going to be an essential feature for when you purchase and hop behind the wheel of this beautiful car.

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